Goodbye, Adult Crib

Prior to moving into my post-college apartment 2.5 years ago, I learned that my mother had donated the twin bed I had been using in college. My budget kept me from buying new, so the options I had left for sleeping surfaces were my sister's old day bed or my brother's old futon. Ultimately, the daybed seemed like the more flattering choice for a recent college grad, so it made its way with me to the Iowa City area. 

Visually, the bed is just one gate away from acting as a crib. It has three high, black bars that keep me from crawling away at night and one less-than-comfortable IKEA mattress for support. Also, my 25-year-old self hated that I was still sleeping on a twin mattress. It was time to grow up and buy a new bed.

More to come — my shipments are enroute!