Designing for a Designer

A year ago my sister asked me to help her with her identity. Being the helpful, younger sibling that I am, I happily agreed. Theresa, my big sis, had just finished the UX Designer program at General Assembly. She was ready to start applying for jobs, but needed an identity that would help her stand out among other creatives. 

The first thing I did to start the process was outline a calendar of the project. There were key dates we needed to hit, so this allowed us to stay on track.

The kick-off meeting was the next step. That meeting allowed me to understand her audience and narrow in on the style she hoped her identify would emulate. "Sophisticated-Edgy" were the attributes my client/sister wanted in her identity, so I began to pull together images within a moodboard that I felt had similar characteristics. The moodboard was also a way to confirm that I was headed on the right path visually.

After discussing the mooboard, we were able to narrow in on a few examples she liked. I also looked at wire frames, a common tool of user-experience designers, as a source of inspiration as well. Below is the how the final design took shape:

The final design (image below) was a success. The client/sister was happy with the results, and in the end earned a great job.