Goodbye, Adult Crib: Part Two

Recently, when the calendar flipped from 2015 to 2016, I decided it was time for a bed upgrade (see, Part One). My original strategy for the big purchase was to spend the majority of my budget on the bed frame. I already had my eye on a mid-century number from West Elm. It made sense for me to spend more money on something visually awesome and of good quality.

My approached changed soon after I was introduced to Casper mattress. What—a mattress company that prioritizes design and the user-experience!? A company after my own heart! I was instantly swayed that the surface I was sleeping on was more important than the frame itself. You're welcome, spine.

Seven days after ordering my big-girl, full-sized mattress it arrived for pick-up. It took two UPS guys and a dash of my anxiety to fit it in the car, but it eventually made it. I’ve had the Casper mattress for a week now and love it.

Hello, upgrade!